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CORE Explanation



At Northwood, we believe every agent can achieve success in real estate. We have championed this belief since our founding in 1956. But success comes in many forms. For some, it's being a top performer. For others, success means balancing career, family and health. For this simple reason, Northwood Realty is pleased to introduce a one-of-a-kind, patent-pending process called COREtm. The program formalizes and synchronizes the different and unique expectations of new agents with the professional guidance they require to launch and sustain a successful career in real estate. When these expectations align, success follows. Welcome to the future of real estate.

Northwood's CORE Programtm - Customized Orientation for Real Estate—is the only real estate training and mentoring program of its kind in the country. It allows new agents just entering the industry to select the commitment level that suites them best. CORE offers four personalized onboarding paths that match each agent’s service and time commitment to equal levels of resources, real-world experiences and hands-on coaching. The CORE program truly differentiates Northwood as an "agents agency." One that trains, nurtures and mentors agents at every stage of their career. CORE represents both an obligation to our people, but also a deep understanding that our agents are individuals, each with their own set of values, dreams and life stories. Northwood is honored to play a part in helping our agents achieve success and happiness.