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Donation Places

Construction Junction-  If you are remodeling and have old functioning light fixtures, vanities, appliances, whole kitchens!, Etc...  This is the place.  You can also donate Unused Paint!  So all of those half-full cans languishing in your basement or garage actually have a place to go.
Address: 214 N Lexington St, Pittsburgh, PA 15208
Off The Floor- Any piece of furniture you don't plan to take with you in a move, this is a great place to help folks who are in need of furniture.
Address: 901 Allegheny Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15233
Free Ride-  This is a nonprofit that repairs old bikes for reuse. 
Address: 214 N Lexington St, Pittsburgh, PA 15208
Salvation Army-  Will come to your house to pick up household items.
Address: 1060 McNeilly Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15226
Phone:1-800-SATRUCK (728-7825)  You can also schedule a pick up online.
AmVETS- Will come pick up household items and clothing.  (888) 731-9790 
Goodwill- Various Goodwill locations and bins to donate.
Catholic Charities- Items can be dropped off at an office location or program facility.  If you have a car to donate, this might be the place.