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15 Secrets to the Ultimate Backyard Party

We know every homeowner just wants to throw one “good” backyard party once every summer.  As with most good things, backyard parties require a little bit of extra attention and preparation.  But if you follow through with our ultimate guide to a successful backyard party, you can be sure your guests will leave happy.  Take a look at some of our secrets to an epic backyard party!


1.       Cut the Grass

You would assume that this would be a given, but it is often overlooked.


2.       Deep Clean the Grill

Most grills can be cleaned with soap and water.  Removing the built-up char and other debris will also help keep flare-ups to a minimum.  After a good scrub, heating the grill for 15-20 minutes on high to get it guest-ready before they arrive.


3.       Clean Off Deck/Patio

If you are a pressure washing fanatic, now is your time to shine!  If not, break out that broom and start sweeping.  Make sure you remove cobwebs from corners and caked on mud from the rainy season.  After you are finished with the main areas, you can turn your cleaning sights on the outdoor furniture.


4.       Assess Outdoor Furniture

Since you are already cleaning the furniture, now would be a good time to give it a test spin.  Did the furniture hold up to the winter weather?  Is it rusty, or in need of serious repair.  Most importantly, is your furniture stable enough to hold guests?!?  If not, you may want to think of other possibilities for seating (more on this later).


5.       Fill/Refill Propane Tank

We included this secret separate for a reason!  ALWAYS keep a FULL spare tank of propane with you at all times.  Not only is leaving your own party a buzzkill, but it could lead to someone driving who has been drinking.  We’ve all heard that story about the drunk driver who was “only going around the corner”…


6.       Create Guest List

Are you inviting 9 or 19 people?  Are they all bringing dates?  Is your event kid friendly?  How many kids would you expect?  LOTS of stuff to think about here!


7.       Assess Indoor/Outdoor Seating

Now that you have a better idea of just how many people could be attending, you need to make sure you have enough seats!  Make use with what you already have, some indoor pieces may function well outdoors (pending the weather).


8.       Combine Outdoor Cooking/Cleaning Space

If you want to transition easily from cooking to serving, make sure your space is set up to be quickly repurposed as a serving area.  We suggest a quick tablecloth switch to eliminate any contamination from raw or uncooked meats.  Don’t forget to stock the necessary items:

-A bucket of ice with tongs
-Serving spoons


9.   Create Entertainment for Kids

It’s every parent’s first thought, “what are the kids going to do?”.  So as the host, alleviate some stress for your guests by focusing on entertainment areas for the kids.  Reserve an area outdoors where the kids can play sports, tag, or other games.  Keep the area well stocked with equipment.  Here’s a Pro Backyard Party Tip: Do the same indoors!  It’s a great idea to create an indoor playspace with movies and/or multiplayer video games.  This can help with nap times, or a place to cool off for older kids.


10.   Set Up Lighting

Let your imagination run wild!  If you are keeping with a theme, we are sure you can find what you need at any party store or online retailer.  One caveat, if you need to use extension cords, either hang above or securely anchor the cord to the ground to avoid a hazard.


11.   Create a Bar Area

If there is one thing certain, guests love good food and even better drinks!  Take the time to chill any necessary beverages and set up your bar area with all of the needed fixings.   Don’t forget cups and ice!  Keep all kids drinks away from any adult bar, it simply makes it easier to monitor, and lets the kids feel a little bit special!


12.   Setup Speakers or Additional Audio Equipment

We are not messing with your DJ skills, that’s up to YOU!  But, make sure any wireless speaker is charged and working well with any other connected device.  NO music = NO fun.  Give them a backyard party worth talking about!


13.   Clean Guest Bathroom

Just do it.  Make sure you leave extra, EXTRA toilet paper and whichever odor eliminator you prefer.  Pro-Tip: Keep the plunger within eyesight and be sure the path to water shutoffs are clear, just in case your guest is faced with the ultimate party NIGHTMARE!


14.   Clean Out Refrigerator

Cleaning out and reorganizing your refrigerator is a MUST before your guests arrive!  You want to think about any leftovers which may stack up.  Having that space available when cleaning up will make it easy on you and your guests, instead of surrounding them with random items from your refrigerator, as you curse and moan about how little space you have.


15.   Keep the Bugs Away

Want to know the best way to ruin a backyard party?  STINGING & BITING BUGS!!!!  So, get rid of ANY standing water.  It is a breeding ground for mosquitos.  Either light citronella candles at dusk or use other products, such as netting, bug zappers, ultrasonic devices, etc.


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