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5 (DO NOT) Do-It-Yourself Projects

As a new homeowner, it may seem alluring to test your DIY skills on any project that comes your way.  The cost savings alone is enough to sway most homeowners into tackling a major electrical job they are not qualified to do.  While replacing a light switch or a ceiling fan can be completed by a determined amateur, there is a thin line between being fearless and foolish. Understanding your limits is far more important than proving to yourself that you rewired your entire home, (incorrectly).  Of course, we do not want to crush your DIY dreams, but there are certain home repairs that MUST be left to the Professionals.  Here’s our list of 5 DO NOT Do-It-Yourself Projects.


Lead Paint Removal

Did you know that approximately 75% of homes built before 1978 may contain lead paint?  Lead paint is deadly, and you should never, under any circumstances, attempt to remove it yourself.  It is always better to find a professional than risk your life and the lives of your family, just to save some money.  For additional information, download a copy of the EPA’s guide, “Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home“.



Tree Removal

When you have a large tree that needs to be trimmed, or completely removed; it is best to leave it to the Pros.  The danger of dropping a tree onto a house, car, or person is too great and happens all too often.  A professional arborist or removal service should be able to remove trees larger than 15 feet tall, especially in dangerous areas next to a house or power lines.




Most homeowners can replace a light switch or hang a new ceiling fan properly, and safely.   But when it comes to upgrading electrical circuits or adding new ones, it’s time to call in a licensed electrician with plenty of experience.  The cost of incorrect wiring can be lethal; by electric shock or even fire.  Bottom Line: HIRE AN EXPERIENCED, LICENSED ELECTRICIAN.



Asbestos Removal

Many homeowners have heard about the dangers of asbestos, a mineral fiber used in many forms of home insulation.  Exposure to asbestos occurs through demolition of asbestos-containing materials, releasing material into the air, which potentially leads to lung cancer and other serious health problems.  Because of the dangers of asbestos removal, it MUST be completed by a Professional!  If you live in PENNSYLVANIA, here is a list of Certified Asbestos Abatement Companies &  Individuals Certified to Perform Asbestos Remediation Work.  For OHIO, here is a guide to homeowners from the Health Department, “Asbestos in the Home“.  You can also research if an individual you have hired is state licensed by clicking HERE.



Roofing/Roof Repairs

DIY roof repair is typically a deal-breaker for most homeowners.  It requires specialized training, is intensely physical, and demands expert-level safety equipment.  Climbing up and down steep ladders can be exhausting and very dangerous; one misstep and it can be a long way down.  Not to mention the technical skill required to replace shingles, fix a leak or install a new roof.  Bottom Line: stay off your roof, and leave this one to the Pros.





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