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5 Ways To Brighten Your Home This Winter

With fewer hours of daylight and the weather often cold and dreary, our homes can sometimes feel dark and drab during the winter months. How can you lighten up your space without a lot of effort? With these simple, easy changes your home can instantly feel brighter.


1. Remove the screens from your windows.
With the colder temps outside, you might not even open your windows in the winter. Removing the layer of mesh created by the screen will let unfiltered light right in, brightening up your home.


2. Invest in light-colored slipcovers.
Cover your furniture in shades of ivory, white, or even a sunny yellow to help the whole room feel lighter, and maybe even brighten up your mood. Try lighter-colored bedspreads, blankets, and tablecloths too.


3. Uncover your hardwood.
Do you have hardwood floors under those area rugs? Remove your area rugs and let your hardwood floors shine through. Natural light can reflect off the warm tones of the wood and onto your walls.


4. Swap out your light bulbs.
Take a close look at your home’s lighting. The difference between warm white, cool white, and daylight bulbs can greatly change the feel of a room. Try different bulbs in different rooms to create the right lighting.


5. Lighten up your window treatments.
Ditch the heavy, dark drapes for light-colored and sheer curtains. Changing out the fabric and placing them wide-open will go a long way toward letting in plenty of light.


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