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Why You Should Use a Real Estate Agent To Sell Your Home

Deciding to sell your home is a big decision. After you decide to sell, you will make many more decisions along the way including whether you should work with a real estate agent or brave the world of FSBO – For Sale By Owner. While a vast majority of people use a real estate agent, there is still a temptation to sell your home on your own. Whether it comes from the ability to list your own home for sale on real estate websites such as Zillow, the increase in popularity of TV shows showcasing selling/flipping homes, or the allure of not paying a commission to an agent, roughly 36 percent* of sellers attempt to sell their home themselves. So why should you use a real estate agent instead of selling on your own?


1. Real estate agents know the market and understand pricing strategy.
When you work with a local, experienced agent, they know how much your home is worth for your area and what type of pricing will get people through the front door. They are able to balance the fine line of how to get the most money for your home while appealing to a wide range of buyers.


2. They can market your home.
Marketing your home for sale is more than just putting a sign in your front yard or listing it on one website. Real estate agents are able to market your home on the MLS and numerous other real estate websites, social media, their professional networks, connections with other real estate agents, mailings, e-blasts, and more so that your listing gets a lot of exposure and more potential buyers through the front door.


3. They are listing experts.
They know what buyers look for when viewing a home and have the expertise to showcase your home in the best light.


4. Real estate agents can negotiate professionally.
Sellers can be emotionally attached to a home which makes it difficult for them to negotiate a business transaction. Real estate agents are objective and have the know-how to recommend appropriate counteroffers if needed.


5. Sellers are not experienced in solving problems or glitches that may arise.
Selling a home is a complex transaction with a lot of moving parts. If a problem arises, a real estate agent has the experience, training, and resources to solve the issue and keep the deal from falling apart.


6. Other agents will show your home.
Since real estate agents are paid on commission and view available inventory on the MLS, they might not be aware of your home for sale or show your home to their buyers since there is no commission guaranteed.


7. Real estate agents know the paperwork and the procedures. 
There is a lot of documentation involved in selling a home. Real estate agents are experts on the complete home buying and selling process.  They are able to navigate all the paperwork and legalese.


8. The final sale price.
When you sell FSBO, often buyers know you are not paying a commission and expect you to lower the price.  When you use a real estate agent, their bottom line is getting you the best price for your home.




*(Source: 2017 Zillow Research Report)


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