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8 Reasons To Sell Your Home This Winter

When it comes to selling a home, winter is not the most popular season. The cold and snow do not lend itself to being the optimal time to move and the weather can make it harder to show the outdoor appeal of a property to its fullest. But the housing market does not hibernate in the winter. In fact, the winter season, officially taking place between December 21 and March 20, can be the most advantageous time to make a move in real estate. Why? Here are some of the reasons why you should list your home for sale this winter.


1. Less inventory = more attention.
Since people are sometimes reluctant to list their home during the winter, there is a shortage of inventory. This means less competition and a greater chance of your home being noticed.


2. Winter buyers are serious buyers.
The buyers looking in the winter are looking to buy now – not just browsing.


3. Your home tends to look better during the holidays.
It is already in good condition, clean, and nicely decorated.


4. Time to browse.
Buyers may have more time to look especially if they are on vacation.


5. January is traditionally the biggest transfer month for corporations.
Corporate transferees can’t wait for the spring. They need to buy a home now.


6. Less traffic in your home.
You may have fewer actual showings, but the people looking are motivated. It can also be easier to schedule showings around your family events.


7. You may receive more money.
Houses sold in the winter tend to sell at a slightly higher price due to the need and less competition.


8. Faster home sale.
Since most people don’t want to slog through lots of showings in the winter, they are more willing to pull the trigger and buy.


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