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Best Tips, Tricks and Life Hacks for Moving With Kids [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do I keep my house clean and toys picked up for those last-minute showings?  Is there a “best” time to buy or sell?  I want my kids to feel at home in our new house – what should I do?  I have all of my kid’s heights marked on the door frame – can I move it with me?  Do door frames fit in moving trucks?

Do any of those questions sound familiar?  If they do, it probably means you are preparing to buy or sell a home and move with kids.  As we stated in our “Moving with Kids” blog post, we understand there are a lot of concerns, fears, and questions when it comes to embarking on a move, whether buying or selling, especially when you have a family.  So, we at Northwood, used our experience and expertise along with valuable input for local mom bloggers to put together the best tips, tricks and life hacks for moving with kids into this infographic, #MoveWithNorthwood



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