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Cyber Crime: Safeguarding Your Smart Home Security System

Whether you own or rent, a home security system can be a smart investment that protects your abode, belongings, and family. With the easy availability of connected gadgets, you can control your smart cameras and security systems from your smartphone to see what’s going on inside your home while you’re away.  While smart security measures make it easy to keep tabs on your home, it’s important to make sure they’re protected to the fullest extent. Take these four steps to ensure your devices are safe:


1. Secure Your Home Network
Your first line of defense against people attempting to hack their way into your security system is a secure home network. Here are a few things you can do to improve yours:


  • Change your router’s default password and use a strong password authentication protocol (WPA2).
  • Give your network an obscure name—something that can’t easily be associated with you or your home.
  • Hide your service set identifier (SSID), so anyone who wishes to connect to it must know its name and specifically search for it.
  • Set up a guest network for friends or relatives. This allows them access to the internet without connecting to your primary network. What’s more, guest networks can prevent network worms, such as those from infected flash drives, from penetrating your home network.


2. Use Two-Factor Authentication
Hackers are becoming better at what they do, and even strong passwords are no longer enough. Enable multi-factor authentication on the apps you use to monitor your home, such as a code sent to your phone or secondary email whenever someone attempts to log in to your system from an unknown device. This way, even if your username and password get compromised, the extra layer of protection can prevent hackers from taking over your system.


3. Keep Your Devices Up-to-Date

Ensure your phone and computers have the latest security updates. If your home security system communicates with other home automation devices, make sure those devices are up-to-date, as well. If a firmware update is available, update your device immediately.


4. Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi

When you need to remotely view your home footage, ensure you’re not doing so on a public Wi-Fi network. Hackers can easily intercept unsuspecting users’ data in unprotected networks.

As homes become smarter and devices become more connected, it’s imperative to secure your home security system so that it can do what it’s designed to do: protect your home and family.


Reprinted in part with permission from RISMedia. ©2018. All rights reserved.


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