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Is Your Home Ready for the Spring Market?

Finally, spring is just around the corner!  While the winter season can be a good time to sell a home, many people decide to wait until spring to list and market their home for sale.


With an influx of homes hitting the market at the same time, the spring season can be very competitive.  There will be other homes available and sellers need to prepare their home to be able to compete with other properties on the market.  Buyers will measure up your home to see how it “stacks up” to the competition before they decide which property to purchase.


One thing that should not be overlooked is home maintenance.  Poor home maintenance will signal that a home is not well cared for, even if there are decorative updates completed and it looks like your home could be featured in “Homes Beautiful” magazine.  Almost all buyers will opt for a home inspection.  If the inspection reveals defects in the mechanics or other maintenance issues, the buyer may choose to walk away and look for a different house.


So, what should you do?  Here are a few tips to get your house ready for sale and the home inspection.


  1. Check the gutters and downspouts.
    Make sure that they are not loose, pulling away, leaking or clogged.

  3.  Examine your chimney.
    Look for loose bricks and mortar.  If you have a fireplace, consider having the chimney cleaned to look for obstructions, etc.

  5.  Build up the slope around your house using compacted soil.
    This will help avert water from sitting close to the foundation which can cause possible leaks into the house.

  7. Replace all home filters.
    These are filters in your furnace, range hoods, air vents, etc.

  9.  Check dryer vents for clogs.

  11.  Service your A/C unit.

  13.  Test your smoke alarms.
    Replace the batteries if needed.

  15.  Wash the windows.
    This will help you check for any cracks in your windows, and clean windows will let in the natural light helping your home to feel brighter.

  17.  Consider having a home inspection before listing the property.

  19.  Clear away clutter and start packing.
    You are moving anyway, so do it NOW.


Once you have completed the maintenance of your home, you may want to look into freshening up the look.  Consider updating light fixtures, replacing switch plates, replacing hardware on cabinets, and even a fresh coat of paint if needed.  These are small, easy projects that are inexpensive and can help your house look well cared for and clean resulting in a quicker sale.


If you are unsure of what you should do, ask your real estate agent.  Your agent will be able to help you decide on any cosmetic improvements, staging your home, and what updates should be done.  If you spend some time now while the weather is still a little cold out, you will be ready to sell when buyers come out of hibernation.


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