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How to Stage Your Home on a Budget

Getting your home into prime showing shape is essential to help it sell in the shortest amount of time for the best possible price. But while a professional home stager can work wonders, it just might not be in your budget. Don’t despair!  Here are some great ways to inexpensively stage your home all on your own.

Get rid of the excess.

Getting rid of excess is the very first thing every home stager will tell you to do, and you can do it on your own without spending a dime.  Get some boxes and storage bins and start packing away what you can, including framed photos; anything hanging on the fridge; knick-knacks; most books and papers; trophies and awards; kitchen gadgets; personal effects like memorabilia, jewelry, etc.  Just remember – you can never remove too much.


Rearrange the furniture.

Go from room to room and make sure the furniture is arranged in a way that makes the room look as open and spacious as possible. If you have a room used for a dual purpose (think a combined guest room and office), pick one purpose and make that the focus of the room.  Rooms that appear to have a dual purpose can subconsciously signal to potential buyers that your home is smaller than it actually is.  If this means removing chairs or tables to open the flow, go for it.


Brighten things up. 

Replace heavy drapery with sheer panels, raise blinds and shades, and place higher wattage bulbs in lighting fixtures.  If you need to, add a lamp or two where necessary. Maximizing natural and artificial light are essential to making your home look as bright and appealing as possible.

Paint where necessary.

A small investment of paint in key areas will be worth it. Change any dark or oddly painted rooms to a light, neutral color, and prioritize any walls and rooms where the paint is dirty or showing signs of aging.


Add new accessories.

A trip to your nearest discount store can send you home with a bundle of new accent pillows, throws, and bathroom and kitchen accessories. These decorative accessories will add a fresh feel and pops of color where necessary throughout your home. Just remember – less is more.


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