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Military on the Move

There is no way we can ever fully repay the men and women of the armed forces for the sacrifices they have made. That is why Northwood Realty Services participates in Military on the Move ™, a program offered through Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. It is our way to say “thank you” for leaving your home to protect our home.


Military on the Move ™ is a free real estate rebate program for active duty, retired military, and wounded warriors that allows you to earn cash back when you buy or sell a home. Qualified veterans receive 20% of the gross commission from their side of the transaction. Eligibility requirements require registration with Northwood Relocation Department, via phone 412-548-1521 or email, prior to making contact with a real estate agent or disclosure at the beginning of the agent relationship of interest in the program. You will also be required to show military ID to validate you as either active duty, retired (20 years of service), or wounded warrior.  Why a rebate and when will you receive it?  The rebate is based on the actual sales price – not a fixed amount based on a range of values – which is to your benefit, and you’ll receive the rebate at closing.


Northwood’s participation in the program goes beyond just the rebate.  You will also receive quality service from real estate agents that understand the needs of military personnel and their families.  The men and women who honor and protect our nation through their military service face the same real estate issues as civilian buyers and sellers, but can also face a few unique issues such as frequent moves, buying/selling while deployed, housing requirements, adaptive renovations, etc. Choosing a real estate agent who understands the challenges that can arise with being a military buyer/seller and has the knowledge to work through those problems or within a specific set of criteria will help you end up with a home that you want and need.


Beyond being experienced in working with veterans in the home buying and selling process, our agents are able to relate to the needs of a military buyer/seller as many of them are veterans themselves.   After leaving the military and rejoining the civilian workforce, we have found that veterans make some of the best real estate agents. How does being a veteran translate into a real estate career?  Many of the same characteristics that make up a person who is successful in a military career can be found in a successful real estate agent.


They have integrity. Integrity is a core value instilled in our military service personnel and it is also a core value for Northwood real estate agents. When buyers and sellers are searching for a real estate agent, trust is paramount. They want someone who they can depend on to represent them and their interests in every stage of the transaction.
They are decisive. In the military, you have to be able to think quickly and take decisive action in any situation. The same goes for real estate. Evaluating options, choosing a course of action, and taking action is crucial when setting a home price, making an offer, or during the negotiation process.


They are passionate about people. Our military put their lives on the line for the people of this country every day. While it is very different as a real estate agent, the goal of helping people remains the same. Real estate agents are passionate about building the communities they serve and helping families through the buying and selling process.


It’s pretty obvious how a military career can translate to a successful career in real estate. However, it is not always easy to transition into the civilian workforce after years in the military.  Northwood offers a comprehensive training and mentoring program to help new agents learn about the industry and guide them through the start of their new career. If you are a veteran and interested in a career in real estate, let us know! You can contact us here,, or call 1-888-874-2122.


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