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Moving with Kids: Buying a Home

More Help for Families Making a Move with Kids – Part 1 of 3: Buying a Home

As we mentioned in our previous posts about moving with kids, several of our agents and ten regional mom bloggers recently compiled some of the best ideas ever for families who are buying, selling and moving homes. Check out our infographic that includes their tips, ideas and life hacks.


The creativity and ingenious ideas from these insightful moms didn’t stop after they created this extremely helpful list. All the mom bloggers elaborated on the tips – or offered more thoughts – on their own pages. In fact, they offered SO much more help for families on the move that we’ve broken down their additions into three parts.


For Part One, we’re sharing practical advice from three of our mom blog participants. The tips below focus on buying a home, but be sure to read the full posts for their personal insights and even more ideas about moving with kids:


Involve Kids at the Right Time

“Hire a helper to stay in the car with the children if just the adults will be doing the primary tour of houses.  Once you find a house that could “be it” bring the kids in to see how they interact with the home.”

Mary Beth – Cupcakes to Crinoline


Special Needs? Do Your Research

“A tip (as a mom to a son with special needs) is to reach out to other special needs families in the area to get the scoop on services, schools, and medical care for your child. You can find groups on Facebook, or reach out to a local medical professional or hospital for advice and connections.”

Stefanie – Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam and Dylan, Too


Don’t Wait if You Find the Right Place

“I was specific about what I wanted because I knew that this would be a long-term home for us. I wanted four bedrooms so each of the boys can have a room plus one as my office. I also wanted a quiet street in a good neighborhood, so when I found it, I made an offer quickly.”

Rachel – Third Stop on the Right


NEXT: Part 2 – Tips for selling a home when kids are involved.


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