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Moving with Kids – Part 2 of 3: Ideas for Sellers

More Help for Families Making a Move with Kids – Part 2 of 3: Ideas for Sellers

For families with kids, preparing your home for sale can be difficult.  How do you keep your home neat and tidy for potential buyers and still live in it?  Have you ever looked around your home and wondered how you have accumulated so much stuff?  Does the thought of last minute showings when you are already juggling work schedules, school schedules, activities and family time make you want to pull your hair out?

We’ve got you covered.  Previously, we have shared with you the best tips, trick and hacks in our “Moving with Kids” infographic from our event with 10 influential mom bloggers and Northwood agents.  But we couldn’t fit EVERYTHING in so we’ve expanded our information with Part 1 – Buying a Home and now Part 2: Ideas for Sellers.  In this post, we’re including additional ideas related to selling your home, as shared by our insightful team of contributing mom bloggers.


Let Other Families Picture Themselves in Your House

“Make sure to also pack away photos and other items that are personal to your family.  You want those interested in your home to view themselves living there.”

Danielle – Happenings of the Harper Household


Take Lots of Photos in the Old and New Homes

“Take photos of your kids in their empty old house AND their empty new house.  It’s really fun for kids to be able to look back on how both they and their spaces have and will change over time. While you’re at it- take pictures of all of your new spaces. Eventually it’s cool to look back on where you started and how your home has changed.”

Jacquie – The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood


Declutter Your Home

“In preparing for our move, my husband and I have been decluttering! Getting rid of things we don’t need or don’t use! It’s amazing when you start going through your things and even going through your children’s things how much you use and don’t use.”

Carissa – The Green-Eyed Lady Blog


NEXT: Part 3 will focus on making the actual move with children.


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