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Moving with Kids – Part 3 of 3: Making the Move


Additional Ideas for Moving with Kids

You’ve bought and/or sold a house – with kids – and you survived.  Now you have to move.  In Part 3: Making the Move of our moving with kids, we are focusing on useful and practical ways to make the actual move with kids a little easier. No matter where you’re moving, or when you may do it, you’ll be sure to find some help in these tips.


Pack Items in Advance

“Pack progressively (if you have a future move planned). Once those winter coats are off for the last time, they’ll get packed up. That’s one less box we’ll have to worry about come late Spring.”

Brynne – Femme Frugality


Board Your Pets on Moving Day

“Consider boarding your pets during the actual moving day(s) so you have one less thing to think about during the chaos. You can’t board chickens unfortunately and they were hands down the most stressful part of our move!”

Beckly – ‘Lil Burghers


Get Your Children Settled First

“Set up your children’s rooms first. While it seems like a lot of work, you want the transition to be easy for them, so focus on getting all their familiar items out before they arrive so it isn’t so overwhelming.”

Amanda – Old House to New Home


Color Code for Each Room

“Color code your boxes with duct tape. This helps identify boxes quickly.  This works even for little ones who aren’t yet readers and they can help guide where things belong in the new house: “My boxes have pink tape!”

Stephanie – My Not So Little Guy & My Little Punky & Pumpkin Pies


Many thanks to all our participating mom bloggers and Northwood agents for our “Moving with Kids” series.  If you’ve just started here, be sure to check out our infographic with the best tips, tricks and life hacks for moving with kids, and check out Part 1, which centers on extra kid-friendly ideas for home buyers, and Part 2 for families who are selling.


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