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Moving with Kids

So, you have made the decision.  You’re ready to move.  You are anxiously looking forward to browsing through picture after picture of houses wondering if the next listing will be your perfect home; a list of last minute touch-ups and weekend home improvement projects has already been written just waiting to be completed before the first open house; Pinterest has become your favorite website as you have pinned anything and everything related to moving to your board; and you are already imagining what would look cool in the ‘man cave’ or the new furniture you need to buy for the living room.  As you are mentally envisioning the perfect move and all the wonderful memories you will make in your new home, you are interrupted by a familiar cry….. MOM!  DAD!  That’s right.  You are a parent.


The visions of a stress-free, perfect, “goes off without a hitch” move starts to steadily fade away as you realize not only are you moving, but you are moving with kids.  There are busy schedules to keep, toys and clothes underfoot at every turn and, let’s face it, finding extra time and energy (for parents!) is not easy to come by.


We have two words for you.  WE UNDERSTAND.  At Northwood Realty Services, our agents hear the stories, issues, concerns, and sometimes even tears from clients who are trying to desperately balance moving while maintaining some sort of semblance of a normal family life.  Our agents are often called upon to be a resource and problem-solver.  How do I keep the house clean and toys picked up for those last-minute showings?  Is there a “best” time to buy or sell?  I want my kids to feel at home in our new house – what should I do?  I have all of my kid’s heights marked on the door frame – can I move it with me?  Can a door frame fit in a moving truck?


In June, Northwood Realty invited 10 mom bloggers from western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio to meet with six of our Northwood real estate agents, who are also moms, to figure out the best solutions, tips, tricks, and life hacks for moving with kids. (except how to fit a door frame onto a moving truck– that’s a biggie!)  For almost three hours, the moms and our agents traded stories, helpful tips and plenty of laughs from their own experiences or from experience of people they know – friends, family and past clients.




In the coming weeks, the mom bloggers will post about our discussion – from their own experiences or their favorite tip/trick – and will share our collaborative infographic comprised of the “best of the best” tips, tricks and life hacks for “Moving with Families.”



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