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Northwood Announces Hockey Mom Winner for December!

Congratulations to Lisa Crespo Northwood’s Hockey Mom of the Month winner for February! Lisa hails from Beaver County where she resides with her husband, Steve, and son, Brandon. Brandon plays hockey for two teams; the Blackhawk Cougars, his middle school team, and the Beaver County Badgers Bantam team, his amateur team. With her son playing for two teams, Lisa is an equal-opportunity hockey mom holding the exact same positions on both teams. She is on the Board of Directors, organizes all the fundraisers, and volunteers as the Business Team Manager where she is responsible for communication between parents and coaches; setting up the admissions table and preparing score sheets, and organizing hotel accommodations for out-of-state tournaments.


Lisa’s volunteerism for the hockey club doesn’t end there. She has been coordinating the “Puck Stop” snack bar at Bradys Run Park Ice Arena for the Badgers Association for the past 4+ years. Lisa runs the snack bar like a full-time business where it open for almost every event, seven days a week. Lisa places all the inventory orders, manages the finances, and schedules her crew of 12 to man the snack bar when it is open. The Puck Shop also provides an opportunity for parents of players to work to receive credit towards their children’s hockey fees. This allows children to be able to play hockey for low to no cost.


Lisa also tackles the Blackhawk Cougars ice time fees which are always the largest chunk of an organization’s budget. To raise funds, Lisa has coordinated a “Purse Bash” for the last two years where they have netted approximately $23,000. They will hold a third Purse Bash later this year which Lisa will coordinate. She will solicit all the donations, advertise the event in print and on social media, sell tickets, find an event location and secure food, invite local vendors and businesses to participate, and gather gift baskets for the raffle.


Lisa organizes all these fundraising opportunities so that hockey is affordable and everyone has the opportunity to play. Her feelings of giving everyone the opportunity to play hockey extends beyond just the kids of Beaver County; it includes the adults too!


Several years ago in an attempt to fit in more with her “boys of winter”, Lisa decided she wanted to learn how to play hockey herself. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find any “Learn to Play” opportunities for adults. So, Lisa gathered together other adults that wanted to learn and asked a few coaches to teach them. As the weeks went by, they soon had enough adults to fill two teams that could practice and play some games together. The next year, Lisa introduced a “beginners” league for adults that became very popular. Currently, the league houses three different adult divisions, based on skill level, for over 200 adults.


While not at hockey, Lisa works full-time as the Manager of the North Sewickley Township Sewer Authority. In an effort to improve communication and educational opportunities with those in the North Sewickley Township community, Lisa created a newsletter and is currently developing energy conservation classes for Earth Day in April.


Lisa’s philanthropy goes beyond her fundraising for hockey. She also has helped organize two fundraisers to benefit those in her community in need. Lisa hosted an adult hockey game with the proceeds going to a family who lost all their belongings in a house fire, and she organized a “Family Friendly 5K Walk/Run” to help offset the costs of a local high school student that was left paralyzed from diving into a swimming pool.


Because of everything that she does for others and her dedication to making hockey accessible for everyone, Lisa is a worthy winner as February’s Hockey Mom. Congrats!


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