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Tips for Selling Your Home When You Have Kids

For families with kids, preparing your home for sale can be difficult. How do you keep your home neat and tidy for potential buyers and still live in it? Have you ever looked around your home and wondered how you have accumulated so much stuff? Does the thought of last-minute showings when you are already juggling work schedules, school schedules, activities, and family time make you want to pull your hair out?
We’ve got you covered. Our agents hear the stories, issues, concerns, and sometimes even tears, from clients who are trying to desperately balance moving while maintaining some sort of semblance of a normal family life. Here are some of our best solutions, tips, tricks, and life hacks for selling your home when you have kids.


Preserve Memories
Capture photos or videos of your children in each room of the house and in any other places that are special to them. They will be able to look at those pictures over the years and remember special memories and see how much they have grown and changed.


Declutter Your Home
Start packing now and continue to pack progressively while your home is for sale. Once colder weather clothes are worn for the last time, pack them up so they will be ready for the move. Consider renting a storage facility to move items out of your home once they are packed so you do not have to worry about where to store them when showing. Have a lot of clothes or toys that your kids have outgrown? Donate them or have a yard sale to earn some extra cash.


Color Code for Each Room
Color code your boxes with duct tape. This will help identify boxes quickly. This works even for little ones who aren’t readers yet, and they can help guide where things belong in the new house.

Let Other Families Picture Themselves in Your House
Pack away photos and other items that are personal to your family. You want those interested in your home to view themselves living there.


Perfect Your Preparation Process
Keep a checklist handy so that you can efficiently prep for a showing. This can help you stay organized and remember those little, last minute details such as put away the kid’s potty seat. What about toys? Keep a large, empty clothes basket accessible so you can quickly gather toys and put them in your car.


Time House Showings When You Will Be Away
Working with your agent to schedule the first weekend your home is on the market (or during the first open house) during your vacation or a trip away means your home will be clean and empty – perfect timing to show it off to potential buyers!


Consider Bringing Your Children to View Potential New Homes
Help your children feel part of the process and ease their fears of moving by bringing your children along to view potential new homes. Don’t forget the snacks and toys, and build in extra time for showings and traveling between homes.


Help Ease the Transition to a New School
If you are moving before the next academic year begins, consider enrolling your children in sports or other community activities so they can meet (and make friends) with other kids that will be in their school.


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