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Top 10 Tools for Every Homeowner [INFOGRAPHIC]


Every homeowner has been there.  It’s 9pm Saturday night, you FINALLY have the kids in bed, so you head into the kitchen for a glass of water.  Before you turn on a light, you feel something unmistakable under your feet… You are standing in a puddle of water!  You turn on the light, follow the trail back to the kitchen sink, and see that it is STILL leaking!  What do you do?  Stop the leak?  Call a plumber?!  Call Dad!?!?



Hopefully, you have a wrench set handy and can stop the leak before the real damage sets in!  But many homeowners (especially 1st Time Home Buyers) find themselves stuck with no tools, no plumber, and Dad is already fast asleep…  For under $500, you can find these 10 essential tools to get the job done.  Here’s our list.




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