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Prepare For Photos

Preparing your home for photographs helps it sell faster!

Help the photographer “Visualize” your home

Lighting is critical:

§ All bulbs, lamps and lighting fixtures must work

§ All shades, blinds and drapes should work & open.

§ Tell agent and photographer what time the sun shines on front of home

The lens will see what you miss and others don’t want to see. Use this checklist:

§ Important… you can’t see “hidden.”

§ Make all beds and hide all clothing and all toys

§ Close the toilet lid

§ Hide any personal toiletries/appliances and makeup

§ Hide any garbage cans and any pet item

§ Hide any tissue boxes and magazines

§ Hide anything on top, side, front refrigerator/stove

§ If it’s a cleaning product or used in cleaning hide it

§ Hide TV antenna, remote controls and video games

§ If it came in the mail hide it

§ If your children made it hide it

§ If your husband, wife or family made it, hide it.

§ If your pet made it, clean it up.

A few things to have handy when the photographer visits:

§ Large decorative or solid color bowls

§ Solid color place mats

§ Fresh fruits and cut flowers

§ Assorted sized vases and decorative boxes

§ Coffee table books

§ Assorted throw pillows

§ Small and medium sized area rugs

§ Assorted throws

§ Coordinated towel sets for master bath

Owners experience.

For some time I have been listening to home owner comments. It’s not surprising to hear the number of positive comments owners make about their feelings toward their own homes after following this process.

Their homes are suddenly more inviting and more comfortable than they imagined possible. They feel refreshed and confident their efforts were worth it. They appreciate the sales and marketing leadership a successful agent brought to the relationship.

In the end, the seller, buyer and agent are all winners, making these sometime difficult transactions a more pleasant and positive life experience.

Frank Gutkowski

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