Boardman Office
Boardman Office
Burgeoning development, not only along Route 224 but also creeping south of the current retail district along South Avenue, keeps our  full-fledged team of  professional real estate sales associates busy  in the Boardman office, located at 1315 Boardman-Canfield Road on the busy “224 strip.” 
Boardman, which lies just south of and adjacent to Youngstown, is designated as one of two major retail hubs in the greater Youngstown area.  Traditionally an agricultural community with grain crops and apple orchards, it became an early draw for urbanites around the turn of the century when the railroad led to Southern Park, a horse racing facility. The large, sprawling suburb abutting Mill Creek Park became ripe for strip development starting as early as 1950, when developer Edward J. DeBartolo constructed the Boardman Plaza, and today boasts thriving residential areas, schools, and shopping establishments – most notably DeBartolo’s later venture, the Southern Park Mall. 

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