Butler Office
Butler Office
Northwood’s Butler office is located just North of down town Butler, county seat of Butler county. The Butler Group serves Butler and all it’s surrounding communities. The Butler real estate market is an interesting mix of urban and rural properties, which requires our associates to be well versed in all types of real estate transactions.
Northwood is very proud to say we are #1 in our market by a rather large margin and we look forward to assisting you with whatever your real estate needs may be.

Salli Barbish

Brittany Basham

Mike Bauer

Michele Burd

Elaine Carson

Michael Collins

Linda Daniels

Elaine Danik

Joyce DiDomenico

Lorraine DiDomenico

Pina DiDomenico

Bernie P. Dowd

Allan Druschell

Shane Eagal

Levon Ekas

Jack Fields

Jessica Gable

John Hanna

Rosie Hanna

Brenda Hogsett

Keith Imler

Kathleen Kiefer

Scott Lutz

Debbie Macurak

Ed Matteson

Tom McIntyre

Diane Mellish

Rebecca Mertz

AmySue Miller

Alice Minteer

Jay Mosby

Donna Murphy

Bob Napoletan

Jennie Ness

Tricia Ortz

Rachel Scheuring

Todd Schubert

Judy Scott

C.R. (Dick) Sequete

Michele Sheaffer

Amanda Shingleton

Lucille Skrak

Colleen Stamm

Debbie Steele

Gary Straub

Dottie Thomas

Ken Thomas

Amber Waldenville

Corey Weber

John Whitford