Salem Office
Salem Office  
Once dependent on a thriving industrial-based economy, the Salem area’s current attraction lies in the pastoral beauty of its location among the rolling landscape of the southern Mahoning Valley region.  Our team of real estate professionals knows the rich history – and the bright promise – of this region, and each calls on a store of knowledge of the town, its values, and its quality of life in order to serve a large region of buyers, sellers and relocating residents. 
The first Women’s Rights Convention in Ohio was held here in 1850, and prosperity rode on the back of Salem’s advantageous location between Cleveland and Pittsburgh.  Today, the Salem Downtown Historic District and the South Lincoln Avenue Historic District, which includes several of the town’s monumental and architecturally distinctive homes, are among several properties designated as National Historic Places. Visit us at our downtown location, 2789 East State Street, to experience the magic!

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