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11/26/2014 - jfernandez973
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $425K in Gibsonia, PA.

The Carpenter team helped ensure a smooth transition for our family to the Pittsburgh area. They were very knowledgeable of the area and put us in contact with the resources we needed to avoid delays with the transaction.


10/12/2014 - pghwo1
Sold a home in 2014 in Nickleville, Richland Township, PA 16373.

WOW !!!

Steve and Gail are THE BEST.

Listen to them.

They kept my wife and I continually informed.


They suggested sale price.

They rearranged furniture/pictures.



08/11/2014 - pjiole
Sold a home in 2014 in Hays Mill, Adams Township, PA 16046.

Gail and Steve Carpenter were instrumental in fairly pricing and properly marketing my parent's home for a quick sale without incident. Gail's recommendations during the negotiation process were sound and resulted in the satisfaction of all parties. Both Gail and Steve were available throughout the closing process and demonstrated the value of using a Realtor. I would not hesitate to recommend their service.


08/10/2014 - user47721425
Bought a home in 2014 in Gibsonia, Pine Township, PA 15044.

As a CPA I am meticulous about the home buying process. I feel I know the details and my real estate is there to execute the xaction. Steve did this, plus knew much more than I did on the legal details! In addition negotiated a 3.5% credit. We were not only pleased but impressed and grateful to Steve and Gail Carpenter :)


05/28/2014 - zuser20140528121938178
Sold a home in 2014 in Hays Mill, Adams Township, PA 16046.

Home buying and selling is a stressful process, but that process became much more managable and enjoyable working with Gail. She was very attentive, honest, proactive, and detail oriented. She was also a good listener, which allowed her to understand my wants and needs. Aside from her work ethic, Gail is a very genuine person and was able to either laugh with me or make me laugh when I wanted to scream! I would recommend Gail to anyone I know that is looking to buy/sell a home and would 100% utilize her again in the future.


10/08/2013 - markbschweitzer
Sold a home in 2013 in Hays Mill, Adams Township, PA 16046.

I've bought/sold 3 houses and can state unequivocally that the Carpenters are in a league of their own. Even before my house was listed on MLS, they had multiple people making offers on my house. Wow. This is a testament to the clientele, connections and relationships they have built in the community. I can also state that my house was priced above market price, so that was not a factor here at all. From beginning to end, the Carpenters made the sale of our house seamless with excellent communications every step of the way. We have since relocated to Florida and sincerely wish they were here to help us buy our new home. You will not find a more dedicated, hard-working team - this is one real estate couple you can trust!


09/27/2013 - user03007356
Bought a home in 2013 in Hays Mill, Adams Township, PA 16046.

Over the past 10 years we have had 6 real estate agents that have worked for us with either buying or selling a home. We came to the realization about 7 years in that most agents are just order takers. They have no knowledge of home construction, neighborhoods, or gas/drilling rights. These are key features to home buyers! I can tell that the house is pretty all on my own. I want an agent who digs deeper than that. I want to hear about the bones of the house, is there any proposed drilling in the area and how will that effect my property, is this a busy street, what type of neighborhood is this. This is where we found the Carpenter's to be different. When we moved in to the area we had no idea who to choose to represent us. Someone recommended Steve and Gail to us. They had represented them and they were extremely satisfied with their service. We, of course, were skeptical. We'd been down this road before and were prepared to be disappointed once again. Surprisingly, they were completely different from other agents. They took into consideration EVERY requirement we had for a new home and stayed within those boundaries. It was a tall order to fill! There were several times that I had a certain house in my sights but they were very quick to point out potential problems. They were aware of areas that easily flood, proposed drilling or development of the area which would have created heavy traffic on my road, and past issues with a certain home the last time it was on the market. Definitely not the actions of an order taker! In the local market today time is everything. You need an agent you can get a hold of and who is ready and willing to go out there and get you the house you want, at a price you can afford, even if it requires working long hours on the weekend. Steve and Gail are just those agents! We have no complaints and would recommend them to anyone!


08/28/2013 - user98511781
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $300K in Fombell, PA.

It was truly a pleasure to work with Steve and Gail. Considering how emotional it is when selling your home, they definitely provided the insight and knowledge necessary to kept us grounded and comfortable through all phases. They also made us feel like old friends and honestly interested in us and our needs.

We highly recommend them!


03/06/2013 - user6273181
Bought a home in 2012 in Hays Mill, Adams Township, PA 16046.

My wife and I began working with Steve and Gail around late November, 2011 and purchased our current home at the beginning of August, 2012. This was a long distance move and transaction...we sold our home near Washington DC and moved to the Pittsburgh area. Initially, we began with the idea to purchase property and build.....Steve and Gail were very helpful with selecting property and finding a reputable builder. Unfortunately, we decided to change course and buy an existing home. We had only about 4 weeks to complete this. Steve and Gail were exceptional in helping us meet this compressed timeframe. They identified 4 or 5 potential properties and steered us over the course of one weekend to make a selection. We have been very happy with the experience and purchase. We unequivocally recommend Steve and Gail. In fact, our daughter is now in the process of buying her 1st home and we will be using Steve and Gail to guide her in this process.